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Use simple and effective software solutions



Ensure regulatory compliance of your products and facilities in the domains selected by you

Strategic Management

Control the goals, objectives and actions to achieve them

Risk Managment

Develop an integrated management of all your risk-related activities

Planning and Control

Record and track all the relevent events, such as nonconformances, accidents, incidents, etc. and follow-up actions

Tests and Measurements

Plan the tests and measurements you need to control your process and check their compliance

Document management

Control your documents, the information of your employees including training

Have a 360º view of your organization whether you manage a single business unit or multiple facilities

Why RiskOFF

Powerful, effective and easy to use solutions supported by a team of experts dedicated to exceed your expectations

RiskOFF team works every day to deliver to their customers and partners powerful solutions that suits the increasingly and more demanding challenges they face every day.

Because of that our solutions are easily integrated with each other and can be customized to provide a more effective answer to the specific needs of our costumers. We design our applications to simplify their use and become easier to manage and take informed decisions to contribute to a safer workplace and a more sustainable future. It’s very important to us that our solutions are easy to use whatever the device or type of usage you do.

We have a team of experts ready to provide you all the support you may need since day one. Each client has a project manager that works closely with him to understand the specific needs of his facilities, implement the software and explore step-by-step all the features of the solution provided. If at any time you have questions or problems a member of our team will help you dealing with the issue you reported.

  • Time Savings

    With the information centralized in one place it is possible to have easy access to it and benefit from automated systems to analyse and report information. Then you can use a set of management tools in order to have a more effective global management

  • Cost Reduction

    Eliminate all the redundant tasks, minimize the risks and increase compliance transforming your management system in a more proactive tool

  • Easy to use

    Easy to use solutions to help costumers overcame they daily challenges, reducing the time dedicated to non-productive tasks and boost productivity to get a ROI in the shortest time

  • Global Access

    Access your information at anytime from anywhere whatever the device you use. Highly customized solutions to suit your specific needs.


We deliver integrated solutions to provide answers to our clients and help them managing and overcome the challenges of minimize risks, stay in compliance and improve productivity.
Reduce the environmental risk of your business and improve your environmental performance. With RiskOFF be aware of the legal requirements, conduct assessments of environmental risk and make an integrated planning of all actions and tests necessary to fulfill their legal obligations.
The basic tools to implement the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. Make a truly integrated management of all the requirements (CE marking, e.g). It also has the possibility of having a permanent support of our specialists who will assist you at all stages of the implementation and management of your management system.
RiskOFF help you minimize the work-related risks to your employees by providing a set of tools to identify, assess and manage the risks. Put in place your Safety Management Plan and increase regulatory compliance
Food Safety
Food Safety
Make a complete management of the food safety risks throughout your processes. Control the critical points of each process effectively and have a quick access to the results of all the implemented controls. Ensure the compliance and safety of your products.

A global network of partner cooperating to deliver powerful solutions supported by the local knowledge in which they operate